Huge CS:GO Update Ends Operation Vanguard and Adds Vital Updates



  • Operation Vanguard has come to a close.


  • Train has been added to the Active Duty map pool.
  • Nuke has been moved to the Reserve map pool.


  • Smoke grenades are now more reliably kept track of on the client to prevent mismatches between smoke particle visuals and screen overlay visuals.
  • Fixed players being able to double stack inside a smoke to peek out of the top (and be really hard to see from outside the smoke).
  • Updated expiration of the smoke screen overlay to match more closely to the visuals of when the third person particles expire and vice versa.
  • Updated the vertical position slightly of the smoke particles to reduce seeing though edges of the smoke (particularly at the bottom).
  • Fixed spectator sometimes not getting the smoke overlay for the player they are spectating when that alive player is inside smoke.
  • Improved spawnpoint selection code to not spawn at occupied spawn points or spawn points of a different team.
  • Tagging values have been tweaked slightly to increase tagging on higher mobility weapons, and updated values for tagging on multiple hits to make it more effective (Added a guide to explain how tagging works:
  • Increased price of the M4A1-Silencer from 3100 to 3200 to align the weapon’s price with its utility.
  • Increased Tec-9’s damage fall-off to reward players that close engagement distance.
  • Lowered Tec-9’s magazine size to 24 to reward more discriminate firing.
  • Lowered scoped movement values for AWP and Autosnipers.
  • The accuracy of the MP9, MP7, and Mac-10 have been improved.


  • Trade up contracts work on StatTrak weapons.
  • There is now a StatTrak swap tool available for purchase. It swaps the StatTrak value between two of the same weapon.


  • Fixed the server browser showing the map workshop path in the “Map” column.
  • Added a sortable column to the server browser to display whether a server is running a map from the workshop or not.
  • Added a sortable column to the server broswer that displays icons for popular game mods running on that server.
  • Server browser will save the layout changes made between game sessions.
  • Updated the first time server browser pop up message.


  • Fixed scoreboard hiding at match end when you bring up a player’s Steam profile.
  • Added a game option in team options section to control whether lobbies get created with public access or private requiring invites for friends.
  • Added Flavor Text to the Bank collection.


  • Add surround sound support (quad/5.1) on Linux.
  • Marked nav commands as a cheat to protect against potential server exploits.
  • Chicken kills are now logged in CS event logs on game servers including attacker and weapon information.
  • HE grenade detonations are now logged in CS event logs prior to logging player deaths from corresponding HE grenade explosion.
  • Added sv_reliableavatardata 2 game server setting for LAN tournaments production. In this mode the game server will load player avatars from corresponding csgo/avatars/76512345678-.rgb files (or csgo/avatars/default.rgb if the corresponding SteamID avatar is missing), and avatars will be recorded in GOTV demos. To produce avatars rgb files tournament operators can place 64×64 png player avatars as csgo/avatars/76512345678-.png and run the client-side command cl_avatar_convert_rgb to convert all 64×64 png files into rgb format.
  • Optimized the process of logging in players to matchmaking backend during game updates.



  • Opened up skybox around Long A double doors, Catwalk and Short
  • Improved visibility around blue car in Long A
  • Fixed render distance on a crate in CT spawn


  • Opened up skybox around back of apartments
  • Simplified sides of CT sniper window in mid
  • Raised cover slightly in upper mid
  • Fixed visibility through a crate in Bombsite A


  • Opened up and simplified Bombsite A
  • Added back stairs to pit near Bombsite A
  • Opened up semi-open door in bathrooms, fountain side


  • Smoothed out movement in Bombsite B
  • Removed corner on left side of T tunnel into Bombsite B
  • Haystack near Long A now requires a jump to get on top

Train (Thanks c0tton and adreN!)

  • Various optimizations
  • Removed collision at top of ladders
  • Pushed Bombsite A further back towards CT side
  • Added a third train car to A site to reduce amount of long sightlines
  • Added a peek-position inside T main
  • Opened up area on the left side of T main exit
  • Moved dumpsters in Ivy
  • Raised crane in Bombsite A
  • Blocked extremely tight angle from lower CT ramp towards T ramp in Bombsite B
  • Prioritized CT spawn positions


  • Fixed an exploit boost at A
  • Added a decal indicating the boundaries of the A bombsite’s plantzone
  • Made white tarps on crates more spammable (Thanks Mod645!)
  • Fixed shadows casting into A main shed from boost spot
  • Improved readability from middle to A site container


  • Added back to map rotation




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