Games Out This Week (15th June ’15)


This week isn’t really a week for games coming out as E3 is on. But we do see The Elder Scrolls Legends come out and the highly anticipated AAA title Solitaire on iOS hit the stores.

Games Out This Week

Game Platform Developer Release Date
Boom Goes The Boat An Crave Creative 15/6/2015
Boom Goes The Boat iOS Crave Creative 15/6/2015
Day D: Tower Rush Web PlayToMax 15/6/2015
Super Sumo Rabbit An DevilishGames 15/6/2015
Super Sumo Rabbit iOS DevilishGames 15/6/2015
The Elder Scrolls Legends iOS Bethesda 15/6/2015
The Elder Scrolls Legends PC (online) Bethesda 15/6/2015
Solitaire iOS MobilityWare, Inc. 16/6/2015
RESCUE: Heroes in Action An Rondomedia 18/6/2015
RESCUE: Heroes in Action iOS Rondomedia 18/6/2015
Streets of Fury PC (online) Guard Crush Games 18/6/2015
Rugby League Team Manager 2015 PC Alternative 19/6/2015
Victory Command PC PlayGrid Games 19/6/2015




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