SCRAPS Launches on Steam


Ever thought of designing a combat vehicle from the chassis up? What about IN A VIDEO GAME?

SCRAPS, the new vehicle combat game from Moment Studio gives you the power to build a vehicle that falls over when it corners, mostly explodes when its weapons overheat, and finally escapes using its SEVEN ENGINES. And it’s about to hit Steam Early Access on July 7 2015.

“But Early Access games are dumb and broken”, you shout.

Well, this one isn’t. Scraps has almost three years of development in it already.

“In hindsight I should have known that creating a complex multiplayer buildable vehicle combat game mostly on my own would take a particularly long time.”, enthused Scraps developer Bill Borman. “But this release is solid, and fun (although of course I would say that) – it’s Early Access because I’ve still got more to add, not because it’s broken. And I’m dedicated to it because it’s a game I’ve wanted to play for a long, long time.”

SCRAPS already has deathmatch-style combat (remember Interstate ’76? Twisted Metal?), scavenging parts, repairing, upgrading, unlockables, and plenty of room for your designs to either dominate the competition or go terribly wrong.

Easily host your own Internet games, play single-player against the AI, or play on LAN with your friends using the LAN Joiner Demo: The Scraps demo can also join LAN games, so only the host needs to own a copy for all your friends to play.




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