1,000 More Insomnia55 BYOC Tickets Released Today


Multiplay have announced they will release 1,000 more BYOC tickets today after selling out. This issue happened last LAN, the event sold out without prior notice by Multiplay and teams were left with 3 players with tickets and 2 without, therefore essentially turning the tournaments from team vs team to team vs mix team.

Here is the full email Multiplay sent out:


On Monday we launched the new version of the Insomnia55 BYOC Seat Picker and encountered some issues. Like many dev-based issues such as this, the new Seat Picker worked correctly when tested in our controlled environment, but did not work as well when released into the wild.

We apologise immensely for this. Deploying any new technology is always scary, and we appreciate your patience through this period; We are extremely sorry for any time you and your friends may have wasted trying to select your LAN area seat this week.

Our development team have been working hard to diagnose and resolve these issues, and following their investigations and updates we have come to the decision to reset the Seat Picker as it currently stands and relaunch it completely.

The Seat Picker has been completely reset, and will be relaunched at 6pm on Friday 3rd July. To select your seat, you will need to follow the same instructions as previously explained.

We believe this time frame gives you enough leeway to prepare for the relaunch whilst not delaying it too much.

Once again, we apologise for these issues, and look forward to getting you all seated for another great Summer LAN event.



Michael “Geosnipe” Lambert
Insomnia55 Event Manager




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