New Blockstorm Update Includes Mechas


Mechas are mechanical vehicles with some special features. They could perform very long jumps and then glide once in air (by holding “jump” button). They are pretty fast, so they could cover long distances through the map. They also offer a special protection for the player who rides them, since their armor is strong and the player cannot be hurt while he is inside the vehicle.

When the vehicle is completely injuried, anyway, a self-destruction countdown is started and the player should initiate the eject process before it’s too late.
Finally, each mecha provides  3 weapons: a minigun with high damage bullets,
a terrible fist which breaks terrain and crushes enemies and two high speed rockets.

The mecha is engaged in the following way:

  • first, the user should find an engage platform in the map;
  • then, by walking over it, he requests a mecha
  • a countdown will start and the player could leave the platform and continue play;
    such countdown will be decreased faster if, meanwhile, the player kills any enemy;
  • when the countdown is over, the player should return to the engage platform, here
    he can choose his mecha (including a custom mecha, previously authored using the editor



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