Rocket League Upcoming Patch and DLC


With over 4 million downloads across PlayStation 4 and PC, over 183,000 concurrent players, and a whole lot of bread; Psyonix is almost ready to push out a major patch, followed by two DLC packages.

This article will focus on everything you need know about the upcoming patch & DLC’s, and other interesting facts.

The upcoming patch will include the following:

  • Player’s win/loss ratio on the stats page will now be displayed as a win percentage instead [source]
  • A “Mouse Sensitivity” setting in the options menu for PC users [source]
  • Fixed the “Virtuoso” achievement not unlocking on PC [source]
  • Fixed item tracking stats for online games [source]
  • Punishments for players who leave during ranked matches [source] (not 100% confirmed for the next patch)

Psyonix has also announced a couple of things they plan on releasing or working on in the near future. Things such as:

  • 3v3 team ranked [source]
  • A spectator mode [source]
  • Solution for playing with friends on other platforms [source]
  • “Thanks For Not Killing Us” items for players who suffered from the server outages [source 1] [source 2] – One of these items include skull wheels [view here]

The two DLC packages, which are set to release in a couple of weeks, include:

  • Free Utopia-inspired map DLC Pack: The map will not have a circular form (like it did in SARPBC), but will rather have a regular stadium-type form [source]
  • PaidSupersonic Fury” DLC Pack: Includes two new vehicles. The concept render for the first vehicle can be viewed here. The second vehicle will be a muscle car [source]
  • Pearlescent paint is also in the works, and is said to be released in the first DLC pack [source]

That concludes all the new features in the upcoming updates for Rocket League.

If we missed anything, feel free to contact serubi here.





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