Games Out This Week (10th Aug ’15)


This week sees more games being released but most are for Android and iOS. The best game to buy this week would be Bedlam. In Bedlam, players take on the role of Heather Quinn (aka Athena), a programmer at medical scanning developer Neurosphere, who finds herself transported into the world of Starfire: a nineties FPS she remembers from her teen years. Searching for an explanation and a way home, she ventures beyond Starfire, to discover a vast realm of interconnected game worlds documenting the evolution of the FPS genre and of video games in general.

Game Platform Developer Release Date
Celestian Tales: Old North PC Digital Tribe Games 10/8/2015
Summer Sales Special Pricing An HyperDevbox 10/8/2015
Summer Sales Special Pricing iOS HyperDevbox 10/8/2015
Tears Revolude iOS Kemco 10/8/2015
Kittenball Prince An Flex Interactive 11/8/2015
Kittenball Prince iOS Flex Interactive 11/8/2015
Toy Soldiers: War Chest PC Ubisoft 11/8/2015
Toy Soldiers: War Chest XO Ubisoft 11/8/2015
Hacknet PC Surprise Attack 12/8/2015
Toy Soldiers: War Chest PS4 Ubisoft 12/8/2015
Bedlam Mac RedBedlam 13/8/2015
Bedlam PC RedBedlam 13/8/2015
Bedlam PS4 RedBedlam 13/8/2015
Bedlam XO RedBedlam 13/8/2015
Energy Hook PC Happion Laboratories 13/8/2015
Rebuild 3 An Northway Games 13/8/2015
Rebuild 3 iOS Northway Games 13/8/2015
Tiny Mighty Web AMZGame 15/8/2015




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