Mad-Croc Energy Announces Mad-Croctober Mobile Game Competition With a Grand Prize of $100,000


Energy Drink company Mad-Croc, which launched a Mad-Croc themed mobile game at the Gamescom conference in Cologne in early August, today announced the company will launch the biggest global individual mobile e-sports competition ever. Mad-Croc will grant a prize of $100,000 dollars to the winner, making it by far the largest individual cash prize in mobile gaming history.

The global competition will kick off on 1st of October this year and last for the whole month. The contest will task players to get the highest score by swimming as far as possible in the game, avoiding mines and other obstacles, while gathering Mad-Croc Energy, diamonds and coins along the way. Detailed rules for the competition will be announced on September 28 at, but players can begin practicing now to hone their Croc’s swimming skills by downloading the game on either Google Play or the App Store.

“Our vision is to create a global competition in which anybody anywhere can compete and win. Our Mad-Croctober contest will give away the heftiest prize in mobile game history to one skilled winner”, said Ari Koivula, CEO of Mad-Croc. “We’re super excited to announce this opportunity to Mad-Croc fans after our successful launch at Gamescom, where we also awarded players over 40,000 cans of Mad-Croc Energy Drinks and 10,000 Energy Gum packs during the show. After seeing the in-game swimming skills exhibited by the Gamescom attendees, we know that the competition is going to be incredibly stiff, so we recommend you start practicing now!”

The Mad-Croc game, developed for Mad-Croc by Finnish game studio Tribeflame, is available for iOS and Android in 8 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Swedish and Russian. The game is an endless swimmer in which players can control their Croc by moving a finger along the surface of the touchscreen. The player’s objective is to guide the Croc through the river while avoiding obstacles and picking up power-ups such as Mad-Croc Drinks, which help keep the stamina gauge up. Players advance in the game by collecting gold coins, which allow them to unlock new rivers (with a total of seven rivers to choose from), get new Crocs with different abilities such as enhanced stamina or the ability to eat more enemies and even get upgrades such as better agility and extra stamina or armor to give the Croc better protection.

The game also rewards players for downloading F-Secure’s Freedome online security packages through the game’s in-game store. Downloading Freedome provides players an instant opportunity to power-up their crocodile in pursuit of a higher score and get one step closer to the grand prize. Outside of the game, F-Secure’s Freedome app offers gamers a simple way to protect their privacy online and ensure security for their digital lifestyles, providing the players an extended 3-month free trial to the popular privacy and security app




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