G2A Possibly Bailing on Esports and Not Paying Teams


G2A are a games marketplace that have been pushing their affiliate scheme and sponsorships to great effect in my opinion. But their financial standing has come in to question recently from high profile CS:GO professionals.

Today SirScoots tweeted the following. “How many teams have G2A as their title sponsor? That has to be huge money that now might go away if G2A bails esports like Kinguin did.” To this Jason Bass, the co-owner of Complexity Gaming a large North American organisation, replied “They are not [in] our title but they definitely are not paying us or anyone else I know of and not communicating”.

Bass then goes on to confirm that G2A owe Complexity money and have been silent for over a month. This could mean many things on the G2A side, they could be bowing out of esports completely to which they will still need pay the money to Complexity and their other sponsors that they have presumably not paid and we could see legal action following this. Or, G2A, a seemingly large games company who has put a lot of money in to esports, is going in to liquidation and can’t pay off these debts. Which, may make some smaller esports organisations go bankrupt depending on how much money G2A owes and the esports organisations cash flow.

Jason Lake, also representing Complexity Gaming has tweeted this, “I’ll probably have much more to say about G2A very soon but I want to wait until our 30 day breach notice period is up. Then gloves off.” Hopefully this will enlighten us more regarding this situation.

G2A has also been in the news recently over a League of Legends scandal where they were selling ELO boosted and leveled League of Legends accounts. This is against Riots terms and conditions and all organisations at the League of Legends Worlds event, the biggest in the LoL calendar, have been told to remove any G2A branding on their merchandise.




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