DreamHack Cluj CSGO Major Groups Revealed


Today DreamHack and PGL have released the groups for the next CSGO Major.

The teams were given Legendary and Challenger status’ like usual, with Legendary teams being the teams that reached the knockouts last Major and the Challenger teams being teams who have qualified through the offline qualifiers.

They also revealed the veto system, which has changed from previous CSGO Majors. Interestingly the team who vetos first gets to veto one more map, but the team who vetos second gets to choose sides.

  1. Team #1 vetoes map
  2. Team #2 vetoes map
  3. Team #1 vetoes map
  4. Team #2 vetoes map
  5. Team #1 vetoes map
  6. A randomizer will choose between the remaining two maps
  7. Team #2 chooses sides

Here are the groups with the Legendary teams at the top of the group and the Challengers towards the bottom.

Group A Group B Group C  Group D
fnatic TSM Virtus.pro EnVyUs
Luminosity G2 NiP Na`Vi
Cloud9 mousesports Titan CLG
Vexed FlipSid3 Liquid dignitas

Take a look at the format and schedule here. The groups will be played out over the first three days starting Wednesday 28th October. Stay tuned to BC-GB.com for our predictions on who will win the groups.





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