S1mple No Longer Playing For HellRaisers After Negotiation Deadlock


S1mple, the controversial CSGO player who turned good, is no longer playing for HellRaisers. S1mple did play with the HellRaisers team both online and at LAN, his ESL ban runs out 01/02/16, click here for more info.

The HellRaisers team were in talks to buy out S1mples contract and offer him a personal contracts but talks broke down and the team were unable to secure the player.

Here is what the HellRaisers team said on their website regarding the matter: “In upcoming official matches in the roster of HellRaisers there will be a few players at once, and we in our turn will do our best to announce as fast as possible the name of the fifth player of the team so that the boys could start full-fledged training for future championships.”

The current lineup of HellRaisers:

  • Kirill ANGE1 Karasiov
  • Emil kUcheR Ahundov
  • Tomáš oskar Šťastný
  • Martin STYKO Styk




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