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Here’s what the Oddshot team had to say about the program on reddit:

TL;DR: We at Oddshot.tv are starting a partnership program for content creators that allows them to monetize from their shots.

We have some pretty exciting news for you!

We’ve always wanted to create the best possible experience for viewers and so we’ve been hesitant to put in ads. We have also wanted to remain flexible enough to try and come up with a really good, non-intrusive way to do ads, instead of just going with banners and pre-rolls. If I were an Oddshot viewer and I had to sit through a pre-roll, I’d probably shoot myself. Obviously it’s also really important that the content creators are able to monetize and so keep creating the awesome content we get to enjoy. So, as far as we could tell, there was only one way that would allow us to remain flexible, but still support streamers financially.

Today we present to you:

The Oddshot Partner Program

What is it?

What we decided to do is start paying streamers a competitive amount based on the views their content is getting. We have set a side $30 000 per month that will be paid out to streamers every month. We calculate each streamers cut, by calculating their percentage of our aggregate views. This comes out to an average realized CPM of $1.2 (per 1000 views) at our current aggregate view counts. So streamers get paid for creating great content and viewers can support streamers just by watching and sharing videos of great moments. We think it’s pretty cool. Obviously this is only a first step. We will be experimenting with a lot of different ad concepts in an attempt to find the right solution. Once we are confident we have found a way to do ads that doesn’t suck, we will be transitioning to a revenue share model.

Note: If our aggregate views increases greatly, we may need to increase the size of the pot to maintain a reasonable level of payouts.

When is this happening?

The first payments to all streamers who have signed up will go out on the 11th of January and they will be based on the December performance numbers. After that payments will always go out 7–10 days after each respective month has ended.

I’m a streamer. How do I get in on this?

It’s super easy.

  1. Sign up for the partner program here: goo.gl/ME6z1R
  2. Our team will be in contact with you and will ask you to verify your identity and payment information by sending us a message via Twitch from your official twitch account.
  3. You will then receive the Oddshot Partner Agreement to sign.
  4. Get back to creating awesome content! We will payout monthly via PayPal and send you a report detailing how your videos have been performing.

How can you make the most out of the partnership program?

Your payout is dependent only on the total number of views your stream’s Oddshots get. So have your viewers and fans take and share your shots to the max — they’ll be helping you along the way!

How can we afford this?

We have some money from investors and we really want to create an amazing platform for enjoying gaming related content, so we can’t think of a better way to spend this money right now. We truly believe we can build something pretty awesome and if this helps us get there, it was money well spent, if not at least we helped support the content creators for a little while.

Warning: This is a highly experimental and expensive bet we are making. We cannot guarantee that payouts will always remain stable. The amounts may fluctuate, but we will do our best to maintain a reasonable level, while still trying to create the best possible service.

We really hope you’ll love what we are building at Oddshot and we are super thankful for the incredible amounts of support we have been getting from the community.

Cheers, Teemu & Kane & the entire Oddshot Team




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