Game Sponsors New Hearthstone Tournament At Insomnia 56


As hundreds prepare to flock to the first-ever Insomnia at the NEC Birmingham, GAME Digital is announcing title sponsorship of an epic new Hearthstone tournament featuring some of the biggest players in the world.

Held by Multiplay, GAME’s eSports and events division, the Hearthstone Insomnia Truesilver Championship from publisher Blizzard is the latest addition to the UK’s largest gaming festival. The tournament will see eight of the best Hearthstone players from around the globe battle it out with other amateur gamers to take home an incredible $30,000 prize. The prize pot is officially the biggest in the history of Hearthstone tournaments.

Recognising the growing popularity of eSports events such as this one, GAME’s sponsorship of this headline tournament represents its commitment to building the most valuable community of gamers.

Martyn Gibbs, Chief Executive Officer of GAME Digital, added: “There’s already a huge buzz for Insomnia 56 at the NEC, the first at the venue having recently outgrown the Ricoh Arena. Not only is it a bigger venue with a bigger eSports offering and attracting some of the world’s best players, but now with tournaments such as this one there is even more reason to get involved.”




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