MLG Clarify Their Decision On Broadcasting CSGO Major Quarter Finals


MLG today have come out with some clarification about the quarter finals at the MLG CSGO Major.

Here’s what MrMLGAdam said on reddit:

Hey guys, sorry this took so long, and apologies we didn’t get it right the first time (Our reasoning here:, but we have heard your feedback loud and clear. Hopefully the following update covers what you were hoping to see:

  • Group stages will still be completely closed to the public. We felt it was more prudent to use the space in our studio to build a 2nd stage to expedite match turn over and limit the down time (i.e. when Stage A ends Stage B is already ready to roll). TLDR, reduced downtime and competition experience for players outweighed the benefit of hosting 200 spectators.
  • We were able to move our load in schedule up a day and turn Friday into a full show day
  • Quarter-Finals will now be played live at Nationwide Arena, replacing the live viewing party we were going to host
  • All existing ticket holders will be automatically upgraded to 3 day admission and only need to present their current ticket at the door for redemption. There is $0 in additional cost to ticket holders for adding Friday.
  • Saturday will still be Semis #1 and Semis #2
  • Sunday will still be All Star Match and Grand Finals

Thank you for your patience while we worked through the weekend and into this week to make this change with the venue. We will be working over the following days to update the Ticket Master page, our landing page, and any other areas where information is incorrectly listed. For those that want to get right into planning, Competition will start at 10AM on Friday at the Stadium. For more information (again not fully updated yet with new info), go here:

We hope to see you in Columbus!

PS: I don’t know yet if we can add more VIP Tickets.

PPS: We will have hotel blocks to share soon (they will go fast)

PPPS: Good chance I have a tshirt cannon gatling gun for the Stadium 🙂




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