Valve Employee And Creator Of The Original Counter Strike Hints At Nuke Changes


Jess Cliffe, one of the two original founders of the Half-life mod Counter Strike, has been on Reddit today to talk to the community and obviously the Nuke situation came up.

He highlights that the biggest change to Nuke is that it won’t be set in Germany anymore and will instead by set in the “rust belt” of the United States and that “the CT sidedness is a priority to address.”

As well as this Cliffe mentions that the Valve team have watched the below video many times.

So we might see some changes to Nuke highlighted in this video. What we will see is the Seals vs the Pheonix on this map.

Hopefully this will mean Nuke is coming back in to the map pool in the next operation which shouldn’t be too long now! (Hopefully)




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