Flashbang #24 – Gfinity, Fnatic and Dreamhack Minor


Tempo Storm wins CEVO Gfinity S09

Tempo Storm managed to win the their first international title in London last weekend. The Brazilian team managed to beat SK gaming 3-1 in an exciting best of 5. After a convincing win on cache, Tempo Storm struggled in overtime on Dust2 to finally win and lead 2-0.

Mirage was won by SK but in the fourth map the Brazilians take the match win on Cobblestone. The team was carried by boltz who was godlike, making the plays needed to get the win.

The final prize pool distribution stands like this:


Fnatic changes substitute for Olofmeister

John “wenton” Eriksson is now the substitute player of Fnatic while Olofmeister is recovering from his wrist injury.

Fnatic originally chose Plessen to be their temporary fifth man but he didn’t manage to keep up with with fnatic’s expectations, resulting on him leaving the team.

Wenton already had a shot in this lineup last week and lost against astralis, let’s hope this bad start won’t hurt the team in the long shot.

Teams for Dreamhack minor now official

After weeks of qualifications, the 8 teams that will fight in the Dreamhack Minor tournament have now officially been announced.


Theses teams will fight for a spot in the CS:GO Major ESL Cologne and for a sweet $50,000 prizepool.

Play of the week

This week it’s SK’s Magiskboy who showed us a great performance against Selfless




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