Flashbang #25 – Tyloo, Luminosity and New York


Tyloo wins PGL Kespa Minor

This weekend held the Asia CSGO Minor, one of the biggest competitions to date on Asian soil. Eight Teams from Australia and Asia fought for $50,000 and two spots in the ESL One Major qualifier.

Making it to the Grand Finals was the goal for many teams here and in the end it is the Australian Renegades and the Chinese Tyloo teams who manage to reach the qualifier.

After a very close Grand Final Tyloo take the title with a 2-1 victory (16-5, 5-16, 16-13).

Luminosity wins Dreamhack Austin

North America also had a tournament last week with the Dreamhack tournament taking place in Austin, TX. Eight teams were invited: two Brazilians teams and six American teams.

In the end, it’s the two Brazilians teams (Tempo Storm and Luminosity) who reach the Grand Final.

The Grand Finals was in favour of Luminosity, Fallen’s team have more experience and raw skills than Tempo Storm and they managed to grab the win 2-0 ( 16-9, 16-9)

ESL One New York announced with $250,000 prizepool

After a CS:GO Major and their own Dreamhack, ESL announced that New York will once again be home of the ESL One Tournament. The venue chosen for this event is the Barclay’s Center, one the most famous venues of the city.

No teams have been confirmed yet, but there is no doubt that with a $250K prize pool, the best teams in the world would want to take part in this amazing competition.

Move of the week

We usually have some amazing frags and headshots here, today, we enjoy something different.




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