Flashbang #25 – Starladder League, America’s Minor and the Danish Shuffle


Virtus Pro wins the Starladder I-league

It has been a difficult year so far for Virtus Pro. The Polish line-up has not had the success they expected so far in the CS:GO scene. But yesterday they showed everyone that they were not over yet by winning the Starladder I-league Grand Finals. Their opponent were none other that the successful NaVi team, guided by a back to form GuardiaN.

Source: hltv.org

Source: hltv.org

This tournament also let us acknowledge the great performance by Dobry&Gaming who managed to go to the podium in front of a Godsent team still in shock after their failure at the minor.

Optic wins the American MLG Minor

The other big competition last week was the American MLG Minor. As for the European Minor it’s $50,000 and two spots for the Major qualifier that was given out during the tournament. And as a bit of a surprise, it is the Canadian Line-up OpTic that managed to beat Tempo Storm in the Grand Finals.

The Brazilians were seen as the favourites in this tournament regarding their past results. Lucky for them they still got a spot in the Major qualifier.

Kjaerbye to Astralis and Cajunb to Dignitas

It’s been a while since Astralis have had a roster change. After a long year without the success they expected, the Danish line-up proceeded to a change but switching their rifler Cajunb with Dignitas’ Kjaerbye.

It is a great step forwards for the young player that is Kjaerbye, he will have a chance to prove himself at the top of the competition. Let’s hope that it was the right choice for Astralis as they definitely need to step up their game for the upcoming Major in Cologne.




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