Twitch Adds Twitch Clips Makes OddShot Redundant


Today Twitch has announced they are now integrating Twitch Clips in to streams. This now completely removes any need for services such as OddShot and LiveCap. LiveCap have recently introduced a partnership with HLTV that could put them in financial trouble.

Here’s what Twitch had to say:

Oh! Did you just see that? Your favorite Twitch streamer was playing through the latest hot release and just discovered a secret room for the very first time, live on stream. Or maybe they set a new speedrunning record in Super Mario 64. No, wait — your favorite cooking streamer finished a marathon baking session and finally sat down for a taste test, only to realize that he accidentally used salt instead of sugar… in every recipe. Whatever it was, it was amazing, it was incredible, it was the kind of moment that got you hooked on Twitch in the first place. And now… it’s gone. The moment has passed and no one will ever believe you when you tell them about it.

Well… unless you clipped it.


Source: Twitch

When you share a Clip with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or via a link, they can immediately join you in the live stream. If the stream has already wrapped up, they can follow the streamer or keep watching the recorded broadcast right where the Clip left off. Your Twitch ID is at the top of every Clip you make, so you’ll always get credit for being the first to spot something great. You can make as many Clips as you like, so go ahead and hit the button a couple times to make sure you clip the best 30 seconds from the stream.

Twitch Clips is rolling out as of today and are now available on certain partnered channels. Twitch even created a how to use Twitch Clips guide.




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