Flashbang #27 – E-League, WESA and Drama


Luminosity wins Group A of E-League

Last week was the beginning of E-League. This American tournament is the first tournament to be produced by Turner for TV. The competition takes place in a special arena built for the occasion and will see the best teams in the world fight for the title.

The Group A Finals took place on Friday and was broadcasted on TBS. This broadcast saw Luminosity take first place of Group A after a 2-1 win against Cloud9.

This week it’s Group B who’ll fight in the arena. Ninjas In Pyjamas, G2, Selfless, OpTic will fight for a spot in the playoffs.

FaZe to leave WESA

Since it was announced a few months ago, WESA has been the centre of many discussions. The esport association has been pointed out to have many flaws by the teams and the players who were not invited to join this initial closed group.

The drama continues with FaZe Clan announcing that they want to leave the association. They stated that they were not confident in the lack of transparency shown by the association.

Many rumours stated that FaZe had to pay a fee for leaving the association. The official statement denies it by saying that no fee has been paid, even for entering WESA.

The Luminosity – SK Drama

Another drama shook the CS:GO scene this week and at the centre of this drama, the #1 team in the world right now, Luminosity Gaming.

As the story goes, FalleN and his team mates signed a letter of intent with LG to remain in the organisation, but later discussed with SK about a possible transfer. After their win at MLG Colombus Major, the team chose to remain with LG leaving SK whose contract should have started July 3rd. SK could be allowed to take legal actions against LG.




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