Flashbang #28 – Maniac, E-league and Update


Maniac leaves EnVyUs

This news is expected, Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez has announced that he is officially leaving the EnVyUs organisation. He was in the organisation since January and used to be the team’s coach. Despite his deep knowledge of the game, he did not manage to break through with his teammates.

Maniac was rumoured to join the new LDLC Lineup but Ex6tenz took the spot. He still stated that his main goal is to go back to competing professionally, we’ll know in the close future if he found a new team to progress with.

NiP wins E-league Group B

E-league continued last week with Group B coming into the arena. The first part of the group was marked by the incredible performance of G2. They also won their semi-final. G2 won the first match against NIP 2-0 but the Swedish team looked like they had learned from their failure and managed to beat G2 in the group final 2-0.

Despite G2 losing in the final, their spot in the playoffs is secured. NiP gets first place and is looking forward to show their strength in the playoff.

CSGO delivers an update

Out of the many updates that valve delivers for CSGO, some are more interesting than others for the competitive scene. This one is one of them because it totally changes the post-death animation.

In the past you could use your death to gather a little information about the enemies near you with the screen still being on. With this update the death is succeeded by a fade-to-black animation that prevents this happening.

This system also rewards skill since headshots will speed up the animation, giving less time to gather information.

This little detail might be huge for some parts of the competitive scene and the pro-players along with the community agreed that this was a needed change.




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