Flashbang #29 – Eleague, Cologne Major and Update


Group C and D of ELEAGUE: Fnatic and Astralis on the top

For Group C it’s Astralis who showed an amazing performance. While their group was considered one of the easier of the tournament, the Danish team still managed to have an almost flawless performance to make their way to the top of the group. In second place CLG play in the last chance qualifier. It was the first big event for Astralis with Kjaerbye and the young player showed that he was worthy of the big name team.

Group D was a lot more complicated. With Fnatic, Faze and Dignitas we knew that one high skilled team was going home without a chance to play in the playoffs. In the end it’s Dignitas who failed to perform against the other teams. Fnatic and Faze met each other many times during the group stage but it’s Fnatic who will take the 1st place leaving Faze in the last chance qualifier.

The Cologne Major is just around the corner

Official Valve tournaments have always been expected by the fans and by the pro players. Now that those events have a million dollar prize pool, their gain in popularity keeps increasing. The next major will take place in Cologne in the beginning of July. The important news is that the Groups for the competition have been drawn:

Pic groups

Luminosity (current major champion), Fnatic (Top team back with Olofmeister), Faze (Strong underdog) and G2 (in good shape currently) will be fighting with all their skill to make it to the playoffs in group B, the group of death.

CSGO updates maps and sound system

Two updates in the last two weeks.

The first update was to balance and correct map issues. Valve made a few changes to the maps in the current map pool such as Mirage, Nuke and Cobblestone.

The second update was larger. At first it added a new case into the game, the Gamma Case. This case features new skins for weapons and knives. The level required to play competitive matchmaking has been lowered to two and XP is granted more easily in the first few levels.

Prime matchmaking is now available for Prime users who have their steam account linked to their cell phones.

A few sound changes also happened with some weapons having new sounds. Valve also added a special sound used when you fire your weapon with low ammo, giving your opponents clues of your situation.

What do you think of all those changes? Let us know in the comments!

Play of the week

Some plays are about skill, aim and frags. This one is about sneakiness to the highest level with Krimz pulling a 1v5 ninja on bombsite B Mirage.




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