Flashbang #30 – ECS Champions, ESL One Cologne and SK Gaming


G2 Wins The ECS Season 1 Grand Finals

Some tournaments don’t look like any others. Last weeks ECS Finals was one of those tournaments. After a whole season of group stages and qualifiers, the 8 teams that were on top in the first season of ECS came to London to battle for the first place and the $250 000 that came with it.

After a slow start and a lost game against Liquid, G2 led by Shox and ScreaM managed to get together and beat NiP before taking revenge against Luminosity. They went into the semi-finals against a good looking Fnatic lineup. Even Olofmeister wasn’t enough to prevent G2 going to the grand final.

And what better opponents than the Major Champions to fight against for the ECS season 1 title? Luminosity managed to defeat TSM in a flawless manner and went against the Frenchmen. G2 played two very convincing games (Dust 2: 16-11 and Overpass: 16-5) and got to lift the trophy. It’s a relief for Shox and his teammates who finally prove to the world that they are back on track before the Major.

ESL One Cologne Stickers And Groups Released

One of the biggest tournaments of the year is just around the corner, Valve and ESL are starting to give more and more information to the public about this event. At first we knew the draft of the groups, with the soon to be famous group of death (featuring FaZe G2 Fnatic and Luminosity). Now ESL has also released a provisional schedule for the event, with a start on the 5th of July at 10:30.

But it is not over because Valve also made an update that added the Cologne Major stickers into the game. It has now become a tradition, every team/players at the Major gets a sticker that can be bought in-game. 50% of the profit coming out of the stickers goes directly to the players. A good way to improve the look of your weapons while contributing to the development of the CS:GO Scene.


SK Gaming Successfully Bought Luminosity Lineup

It has been a source of scandal for many weeks now, after long discussions, SK Gaming and Luminosity finally settled on an agreement that see the Brazilian lineup Switch organisations to join SK Gaming.

During the week, SK released their former roster to make place for FalleN and his mates. The SK sticker in Valve’s update confirm this information. While Luminosity played ECS Finals under Luminosity’s jersey, they should switch to SK right before going to Cologne. Let’s wish them good luck with their new lineup and hope Luminosity will find a new lineup soon.

Play of the week

Godlike Shox is back, and he is not here to idle. He proved it against Luminosity in the Grand Finals with an amazing pistol round:

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