ESL One Cologne broadcast expands to TV stations around the world


ESL One Cologne has kicked off with its group stage competition, hosting sixteen of the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in Germany’s LANXESS arena. The main stage of the tournament starts today and is set to be broadcast over numerous online and offline platforms.

Brazil (Globo), Bulgaria (Novo Sport), the Czech Republic (PrimaCool), Finland (YLE), Germany (ProSieben Maxx) and numerous Nordic / Baltic countries (EsportsTV) will have local television broadcasts of the esports spectacle. This comes in addition to online live streams on Twitch, HitBox, Azubu, Yahoo!, with second screen content available on Snapchat (eslgaming), Facebook Live, Twitter, and Instagram.

The way people consume media is constantly evolving. Some are fans of more traditional broadcasts on television, others follow solely on their preferred streaming site whilst a growing number immerse themselves in an array of social media,” said Chris Müller, Managing Director at ESL TV. “We try to ensure that our events cater to all types of esports fans, and so are always working to expand our broadcast horizons. Viewership is on the rise – and that is in part thanks to the evolution of the viewing experience.”

ESL’s very own live platform has truly undergone a revolution, enhancing the interactive experience for all viewers. Available through, the site offers highlights in-game statistics, match schedules and more alongside the stream. Additionally, a stream can be selected based on viewership preferences from the list of official ESL partners.




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