TaZ After ELEAGUE: “We should have retired a couple years ago”


In the press conference after winning the first season of ELEAGUE TaZ from Virtus.pro answered a few questions.

TaZ talks about finally winning a large tournament: “We’ve been waiting for a big one, and I think that this one is really sweet because we didn’t win majors in the past, but they were not as big of a prize pool. Fnatic won three majors, and it was $300,000, right, for three majors? And here we won this big event and we got $390,000, so it’s just a sweet feeling about the money and prize pool, but the other thing, which we are really proud of, is we came back.”

Talking about Virtus.pros approach to roster changes and the difficult moments throughout the year TaZ said: “I don’t know how much it validates (us). There are not many teams with this much experience and age in the scene, so we’ll see in the future. But I think this is something many teams should learn from. We are not taking the easy route. We are taking the mature route. We are picking the way the sport should look like. It’s not about having five guys playing for four months and swapping the team because one guy’s failing. The sport is about building a team and being a team. That’s it.

“We’ve had some really hard moments, especially at the beginning of the year. We took the beginning of the year very lightly, the first two months because we always had bad starts to the year, but it continued. We just continued to struggle.”

TaZ finally talked about age and Counter Strike: “I guess the question is how do the other teams feel? We should have retired a couple years ago and here we are beating the asses of the youngsters. So this was extremely good. It was also extremely important for esports that we are showing some kind of standard. If there is a kid that starts playing now and he is like 16, it’s not like he needs to stop playing games at (a certain) age and go to university at 18 or 19. He can continue. He can build a career. I think we will show everyone how long the career can be.”




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