Shoowtime Temporarily Replaces fer


Shoowtime will be temporarily replacing fer in the SK lineup while fer has surgery on his nose and ear.

fer will be looking to join the team two weeks before ESL One New York with the team only playing ECS and ESL Pro League in August and September.

Read the open letter fer wrote on his Twitter below.

This is an open letter to my fans, SK-Gaming fans and to those who support or like me.

As many of you know, since I was little I have my nose broken, and I can only breathe through one side of my nostrils, and for about 2 years now, I suffer from eardrum perforation on the right side, which despites our performance, for a little over than one year has exponentially increased, and it has affected a lot my own performance in-game, and my life quality out-game.

After last season, when I came back to Brazil, I visited 2 medical experts (the same ones who checked my case in the past), and they told me about a worsening of clinical symptoms, and a possible tumor in my ear, due to strong and painful aches, bleeding and a lot of twinges.

They told me I have to make both surgeries, but also explained it would be impossible to make the two of them at the same time, so we would have to make one at a time.

They also explained that I need to make the nose surgery first, to have a better ventilation on my face, and then be able to go through the ear surgery.

He explained I won’t be able to recover the hearing loss on the right side of my ear, and the surgery will help me not to completely lose it. Since I went to the US, I only play with 30% of hearing on the right side, and it affects me a lot in-game.

We had a conversation between us (team, SK, family), and I told them I’d like to keep playing, even with all these problems, and I’d like to continue writing our history like we are until now.

My teammates totally supported me, and told me I could be calm and take care of myself, because health always comes first.

Therefore, in 2 weeks I will be submitted to a surgical procedure on my nose, so I can be able to breathe without any issues, and then get ready and prepare myself for the eardrum perforation surgery.

The nose surgery is not a complicated one, but I will need medical monitoring for about a month. The team will only be playing online tournaments between August and September (ECS and Pro League).

I won’t be traveling together with my team immediately, but I will join the group in the middle of September, when I will be able to play, however getting ready for the ear surgery.

Meanwhile, in order to help us, the player Gustavo “Shoowtime” Gonçalves (former Immortals), will join our line-up, until middle of September. I’ll be playing from Brazil the individual part, and I will follow-up my team practices as a coach.

My intention, is to be back 2 weeks before ESL One New York, and for during these 2 weeks we’ll make an intensive preparation with the same goal: WIN!

I am just thankful to those who cheer for me and my team, and I ask you to keep your positive vibration. I also would like to thank “Shoowtime” for accepting right away the invitation to represent the best team in the world.

Welcome Shoowtime!
Thanks everybody.

Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga.




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