BaconCape Teams Up With Large Gaming Organisation Animate


Today the influential gaming website and gaming community, BaconCape, have announced that they are partnering up with Animate eSports.

This partnership will see the two organisations share resources, share advertisement space and even play games together. The partnership comes from a recent shift of management in the Animate eSports camp.

The change of management saw one of the best DCUO players in the world, DKX, take over the multi-gaming organisation. DKX commented on the recent changes: “Now that I’m in charge of Animate, I’m looking forward to using the name that has already built up in order to push us to the next level.

“Through careful work to build back the foundations of the organisation, we should be able to take onboard upcoming teams in various games. For now, the goal is stability and personally, I’m excited at the challenge. I have a few plans already in motion and others in the pipeline for the near future.”

He went on to say: “Being able to team up with BaconCape but also knowing that it is co-owned by an old friend is a step in the right direction. I look forward to the oppotunities we will both find ourselves going forward.”

Adam Stevens, Co-owner of BaconCape, also commented on the partnership: “I’ve known DKX for many years as well as some of the members of Animate. Partnering up with them will boost our presence in the eSport gaming scene and provide some great opportunities for us in the future.”

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