Swedish Shuffle Features Fnatic And GODSENT


The Swedish shuffle is here and features GODSENT and fnatic. fnatic lose JW, flusha and KRIMZ and gain wenton twist and Lekr0.

cArn of fnatic had this to say about the move on the fnatic website: “As some might know, I’ve been a part of building the core backbone of Fnatic Counter-Strike ever since I left full time playing in 2012. That decision, to move into management, proved truly successful after the formation of this great team and the success they went onto achieve. But as with all things, sometimes change is inevitable… and whilst it I’m sad to see some of the greatest players to ever grace the black and orange depart, I’m at the same time super excited about the next era of Fnatic Counter-Strike of which Olof and Dennis form the heart.

“It’s been a true test of everyone involved and required patience and determination for a good outcome, but after all the dust is settled I believe both parties are in great position for immense success in the future.

“I want to thank Jesper, Robin, and Freddy for all the tiring work, loyalty and dedication they have plied throughout the long history within Fnatic, for the success they have achieved and for being a part of our family.”

JW also commented on the fnatic website: “The day I never thought would come is sadly here, my departure from fnatic, after 3 years of blood, sweat and Monster we are closing a chapter. Our results have not been satisfying to all of us lately and I guess you can say that these internal pressures test friendships, unfortunately we did not pass that test. What we achieved over the years together can only be described as amazing, with some of the most enjoyable moments of my life… Thank you to all who’ve been a part of that journey.

“Looking ahead we got the opportunity to be a part of GODSENT, and helping to develop the brand, and our future is exciting. The new chapter we are starting together with two very good friends to all of us, players we have played with before and players we are confident we will build a new legacy together with.

“I hope the fans understand us and support us in our decision and can keep cheering for both teams in future clashes. In my heart i will still always be a Fnatic.

“A special thanks to cArn, Devilwalk, znajder, pronax, olofmeister, Dennis, vuggo, PlesseN, wenton & the rest of the Fnatic management for this amazing journey. On to the next one! GG WP!”

“flusha, KRIMZ and JW alongside znajder and myself represent a dream line-up that we’ve been sketching on paper for quite a while” said pronax.

“Several of us have played together before and kept a tab on each other’s performance” added JW/KRIMZ/flusha. “We know that our combined firepower and tactical prowess can match any CS:GO team around.”

All current players of GODSENT will be getting a similar deal to what Astralis have where they become co-owners of the organisation.

“With three new players, four new shareholders, and a new strong commercial partner we have catapulted ourselves into the top of the global esports brands” said Tomas Oropesa Martin, co-founder and managing director of GODSENT.

GODSENT are now:

  • pronax
  • znajder
  • JW
  • flusha

rdl (coach)

fnatic is:

  • olofmeister
  • dennis
  • wenton
  • twist
  • Lekr0

vuggo (coach)




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