Immortals Win Northern Arena After Possible Cheating Drama


The Brazilian team Immortals won the Northern Arena $100,000 Counter Strike tournament in Canada over the weekend but it wasn’t without drama.

In the third map on Overpass, in the final match against Cloud9, Immortals player HEN1 was accused of taking his headset off to hear the casters before the round had ended which could have resulted in him relaying key information to his teammates. The Immortals coach zakk spoke to the Score eSports in an interview and had this to say: “On the first round, HEN1 [Henrique “HEN1” Teles] didn’t have the noise [canceling headphones]. So C9 stopped the match on the third round and said that we should start from the beginning. The problem is that HEN1 doesn’t speak English at all so he didn’t understand a word. The first round we went into a trap by C9, the second round we went to a trap too, so there was no difference. There was no point to reset the game and we waited for the decision. Happily they tend for us.”

You can view the rules of the Northern Arena tournament here.

Here you can view a video where n0thing and Zews having a heated conversation with the admins of Northern Arena about the issue:

This is the casters perspective of what happened:

Final standings:

1. Immortals $50,000
2. Cloud9 $25,000
3. Heroic $15,000
4. Echo Fox $5,000
5-8. OpTic $1,250
5-8. Selfless $1,250
5-8. CLG $1,250
5-8. compLexity $1,250
9-12. NRG
9-12. TSM
9-12. Rogue
9-12. Winterfox
13-15. ACE
13-15. Splyce
13-15. Synthetik

Here’s VoDs of the final match Immortals vs Cloud9






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