Thousands Of Idiots Download a Fake GTA V PC Installer


Due to Grand Theft Auto V not being currently available on the PC many users are becoming impatient and turning to BitTorrents. Thousands of users downloaded a massive 18GB file and then installed it to find their computer riddled with viruses and other unwanted software. Surprise, Surprise.

Downloading a torrent of a game that hasn’t been released yet for PC is idiotic. These foolish individuals were, admittedly fooled by the best as the torrent in question not only looked like a legit file, but also acted like one. It was verified, has a high SEO ranking (comes out near the top on Google search) and the installer looked legit right up until the last moment when it asks you to fill out your private details on a website in return for a serial key.

Of course once you complete your 18GB download, hand over your private data and allow what I can only assume to be 18GB of spyware to run loose on your system, you still don’t get to play GTA V PC. I also suspect Rockstar might not be in such a rush to pull this one from download sites, it’s the ultimate honey pot and I’m amazed people fell for it. The morale of the story, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.




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