ESWC 2016 Female Final Standings


Team Secret has won ESWC 2016 Female beating Selfless fe in the final 2-1: Mirage 16-9, Overpass 7-16, Train 16-6.

Team Secret fe have been dominant ever since their inception winning every offline tournament they have attended. CLG Red, Team Secret’s closest competition in previous months and winner of ESWC 2015, was knocked out in the round of 6 finishing 5th/6th.

Final standings

1. Secret fe – $7,000
2. Selfless fe – $4,000
3-4. Reason fe – $2,000
3-4. LDLC fe – $2,000
5-6. CLG Red
5-6. expert fe
7-8. Millenium fe
7-8. doyoueven fe
9-10. AlienTech fe
9-10. Property fe




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