Xyp9x Talks ELEAGUE And North “There is no doubt that we are archrivals”


Ahead of the CSGO Major hosted by ELEAGUE, HLTV sat down with Xyp9x in a really interesting interview. I want to bring you the best interview questions and answers, in my opinion, right here. If you want to check out the full HLTV interview click here.

Your first match will be versus GODSENT who you crushed last time you faced them. Will the match end up the same way this time?

They certainly have their problems which they work on, but remember that they knocked us out of the WESG qualifier. The battle we won 16-3 online have nothing to say in relation to, that they beat us on LAN in Ukraine in a BO3. But yes, of course we expect to win the opening match against GODSENT.

What do you feel about the Swiss format, which will be used at this Major?

I love the Swiss format. It’s so exciting to see which teams will face each other, when they are turned into a lottery, and if one team loses, who do they come to face the next round and so on. However, I have only experienced it as a spectator, so I do not know how the Swiss format feels from a player’s perspective, but I am looking forward to try it. I think you will be able to feel the excitement when you are drawn versus your opponent.

gla1ve came into the team as ingame leader in the end of October. Do you feel that the team is ready to win a Major under his leadership?

We have made some goals about what we should come to fix before the Major, and we have achieved all these goals. Therefore, we stand really strong. I must admit, this is a weak answer to the question, but we have to wait and see what happens at the Major.

Which team will you prefer to face in the Grand Final if you make it there?

North. There is no doubt that we are archrivals, and there is no doubt that North is working hard to kick us down from the top 1 position we have right now. It’s the perfect story line if you take in mind, what has happened in the Danish esport recently.




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