OpTic Lose Stanislaw


In the last episode of Octic Gaming’s Vision it was announced that Stanislaw has left OpTic Gaming.

RUSH commented on the situation: “We knew there were some talks going on, but we thought he would stay with us because we talked to him about it, Hector (the OpTic CEO) talked to him, and we thought that thing was cool.”

“This comes out of the blue, and it hurts a lot. When he finally made this decision, he did not come to me so we could talk things through and see if we could fix them. I do not even know what issues he had.

“The worst part was that he was our ingame leader, and those are really hard to come by, especially in North America. I do not know what we are going to do. Maybe we will get someone within our team to fill that role.”

OpTic are now:





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