KioShiMa On IEM Veto System: “that was so hard to understand”


At IEM Katowice kioShiMa was interviewed by HLTV, you can see the full interview here. Here’s our favourite questions.

What about the way they do the veto, where all teams end up playing the same map, do you like that as well or is there another way this could be done?

The thing is, I didn’t really follow the veto, but that was so hard to understand, they were explaining so many things. Every team vetoes two maps in a certain order, so you need to pracc five maps to be fine in that tiebreaker, because you only veto two maps and can end up on five others. You need to know that other teams are really good on those maps, so it’s kind of fun how it finished, I mean I liked it, it was funny.

Talking about that buy in the first round, that is naturally the result of the $10k startmoney settings as normally you can’t buy three rounds in a row if you keep losing, would you rather have the $16k option?

I don’t think it’s better, I like the $10k because you need to take some hard decisions sometimes, you can do that half-buy and try something risky and then you can buy in the rest. If you do a risky buy and you win it, it’s only a bonus for you, you can buy in all the rounds. You just won a free round, money-wise that’s how it’s going to work. I don’t know, I like the $10k.

Lastly, going into the semi-finals against North or Immortals – who would be the better match-up?

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t care who I’m playing against. If you wanna be first, you need to beat everyone, so whatever opponent you meet, you need to win. I don’t care who I play against, I just wanna win and lift the trophy again.




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