kioShiMa: “A Ranking Means Nothing To Me


In this interview, kioShiMa spoke to HLTV about FaZe’s improvements and goals, check out the full interview here. These are our favourite answers:

IEM Katowice was the first event with the new lineup, and you were just one match away from winning the tournament. Were you surprised with the level the team reached so quickly?

No, I wasn’t surprised because we had not changed that much in terms of playstyle, we had just upgraded it. We know we have a lot of potential, and this was just proof of that.

After finishing second in Katowice. Do you think that this could be your tournament? What are your expectations?

Every tournament could be our tournament. I am not saying we will win every tournament, but we have the ability to win some.

Your team has returned to being fourth in our world ranking. Is that a confidence boost ahead of a tournament like this? Are you confident about breaking into the top three?

I don’t look at rankings as a confidence boost. The confidence boost comes from the time and the practice you have had as a team. A number in a ranking means nothing to me because every team in the top 10 is good and can achieve good results in any tournament. I would like to be in the top 3 for my organisation.

G2 and EnVyUs were recently involved in a major roster shuffle. As a French player, what are your thoughts on this shuffle? Do you see yourself playing for a French team again in the future?

G2 made the best team one could make in France, in my opinion. You have the best players in the right roles, and now it is down to whether they can work together. I am happy in my team right now. I just miss communicating in French but that will not make me come back anytime soon. Maybe in a few years, who knows? After all, it’s Counter-Strike!




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