k0nfig: “MSL calls a little bit different, he calls a little bit loose”


k0nfig from North got together with HLTV for a great interview, here’s our favourite answers from the interview:

Going back to your previous tournaments, you haven’t been able to reach a consistently good level, what did you do differently for this tournament?

I think MSL calls a little bit different, he calls a little bit loose, so if people say what they do, they are allowed to do it, so it’s not so strict anymore. And we built our game a little bit differently, so we usually end up doing tactics instead of just rushing somewhere the way we did before. And the bootcamp has helped a lot, so that’s about it.

It’s been a while since you made a final or put up a great result. Is this the time for you to get back on track, with how your last several events went, is this the time that you win an event again, or at least get to the final?

“We have the opportunity to go to the final, and I think it’s gonna build our confidence when we beat SK in the final,” finished k0nfig as TACO passed by.




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