GODSENT Bring In Messioso As Coach


Messioso, the head of esports at RFRSH, will become the interim coach for GODSENT.

RFRSH is an esports media company who own GODSENT. Messioso is expected to be seen in action at the PGL Major offline qualifier on the June 29th.

Here’s what messioso and the team had to say about the move:

“With a background in statistics, analytics and sports coaching it was a natural progression to apply this to Counter-Strike. With GODSENT I think everyone can see the potential they have and I am really looking forward to working with rdl and the guys these next few weeks. The one and only ambition right now is to qualify for and perform well at the Major. It will take maximum effort from all involved to get there but I am sure we can rise to the occasion.”

– Graham “messioso” Pitt

“For me it’s all about the team it’s also my conclusion, it would be a great advantage for the team to bring in more analytical resources. I know Graham well, and I am very positive about the set-up. I will help Graham out all ways possible, and I am confident that we will see a very strong and well prepared GODSENT team for the coming tournaments.”

– Alexander “rdl” Redl

“We haven’t met our own expectations, and it has been obvious we needed a deeper analytical insight, which I think all will agree Graham Pitt brings. It’s a strong move to bring Graham in at this time, and I look forward to working with him. The competition is fierce, and it will require for all to step up, but I am confident, we can move this team to the next level and become a strong contender again. Not only short term.”

– Markus “pronax” Wallsten




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