PGL Change Up Veto System


At the PGL Major, we’re going to see a new veto system for the best of one matches.

Now, instead of the map being randomly generated out of the two maps the teams pick the higher-seeded team will choose the map. The other team gets to then choose which side they start on.

This will give the higher-seeded team an advantage as they can pick their stronger map. However, the lower-seeded team will get one more map ban.

The process will go as follows:

  • Team A bans 2 maps in a row
  • Team B bans 3 maps in a row
  • Team A chooses the map to be played from the two remaining maps
  • Team B has side choice

In the playoffs, there will be no change to the veto system. Both teams will ban one map, then the teams will pick a map each, then team B will ban another map then team A will pick the decider map.




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