Jagex to partner with Winning Moves to produce Runescape Top Trumps


Jagex, Games Studio, the developers and producers behind the multi-award winning MMO, RuneScape, have today announced their partnership with Winning Moves to produce its first RuneScape Top Trumps card pack: Monsters of RuneScape.

With 12 years of heritage to draw upon, the RuneScape Development team is turning to its players to help select the characters which should appear in this iconic game.  Through a series of head to head votes taking place on the game’s website, players with RuneScape membership will be able to select their favourite monsters and villains which will accompany the 15 characters which have already been selected by the development team.

Neil McClarty, Global Marketing Manager for RuneScape commented: “We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to expand the RuneScape brand and bring the game to new audiences. Releasing Top Trumps for RuneScape is something that we have been considering for some time and we’re sure our players will be as passionate about this game as our development team have been.

“RuneScape is very player driven, so turning to our players to get their feedback on the monsters to include was the obvious choice for us and we can’t wait to see which characters will be voted into Monsters of RuneScape.”




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