Riot Games Reveal New League Of Legends Champion


Riot have now revealed Sylas, the Unchained. The new champion, correctly theorised by some fans, is a mage whose ultimate allows him to copy the ultimate of another champion. Other abilities include the Chain Lash, a slow, Kingslayer, a life stealing spell, and Abscond/Abduct, a dash followed by a hook that pulls himself to the hooked enemy if recast.

Expected to be played in the top lane we think this champion could be very versatile and played in a variety of positions depending on the player.

First revealed in a recent story that followed him as a boy, Sylas is a young mageseeker conflicted about his role helping to catch out his fellow mages, who are by their very nature breaking Demacian law. Sylas “the Unchained”, has now escaped, intent on carrying out his vendetta against Demacia’s rulers.

Riot has yet to announce when Sylas can be expected in the game.




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