LDLC vs. Movistar Riders: A Brief Match Analysis


In the upcoming GG.bet Sydney Invitational, LDLC and Movistar are expected to participate. At the moment, one of these two teams is playing quite a high level, whereas the other one is struggling to win. In our humble opinion, we anticipate this match being a one-way street, and we will aim at explaining our reasoning behind this prediction. Obviously, to be on the safe side, you can always go to csgoeasybets.com if you want to get involved in the game at a whole new level. Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you are willing to lose.

Movistar Riders – Are They Better?

But we expect this match to be quite an easy one for Movistar Riders – particularly with its new CS: GO roster. Why is that? This has to do, of course, with the past performance of the team, which did exceptionally well in the last couple of matches. We cannot say the same about LDLC, which, on the contrary, struggled quite a bit.

For instance, during the last five matches, LDLC managed to win only one. While it is true that the competition was fierce, which made it more difficult altogether to win, this isn’t an excuse for surrender, is it? If you’re experienced when it comes to CS: GO betting, then, you should know this.

Basically, even if the second match was a successful one for the team, it wasn’t something outstanding or worth noting. As for the opening match in GG.bet Sydney Invitational, LDLC wasn’t successful either. They played against a Polish team, which eventually emerged as victorious.

If you plan to bet on counter strike go, then the odds are you’ve paid attention to the game played by Movistar Riders. It is true, of course, that WESG 2018 was not a successful tournament for the team. In fact, during the very first match, they suffered a noteworthy defeat, which wasn’t an easy thing for them.

On Train, they played quite poorly, but they managed to up their game when playing with Mirage, even if they fell short in the overtime. However, in the last match, the one against Sprout, the Spanish roster showed everyone what he’s capable of – leading to the game results that we have now.

The Bottom Line

All in all, you can understand now why we’re outlining that Movistar Riders is a better team – by comparison. Not everyone believed in them, but since their competition was fierce, somehow, they managed to reach the very top. On the other side, one could argue that LDLC is declining, especially if we were to assess its performance in the recent past.




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