NiP controversy, former players back up Fifflaren


The entire Counter-Strike scene took note when Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson come forward with his terrible truths dealing with his previous organisation.

For those who don’t remember let us jog your memory, Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson was a former member of the previous Ninjas In Pyjamas when they were on their historic winning streak, he was the glue that seemed to piece the team together during such times. Earlier this week he sat down with the highly decorated esports journalist Richard Lewis for an interview to speak out about his previous organisation. This interview uncovered a lot of atrocities and answered a lot of questions on topics including withheld earnings, absurd contract terms, and public controversies.

“Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson during his time as a player”

Shortly after this the whole Counter-Strike scene exploded with the latest news about the NiP atrocities that had been brought to light.

It didn’t take long for other former members of the organisation Richard “Xizt” Landström and Adam “friberg” Friberg to come forward, saying through Twitter they “back him 100% on this” and that they had faced their own problems with the management in the past, even going as far as stating “there’s more stuff as well“. Adding even more fuel to the fire Mikail “Maikelele” Bill, who was brought in as  replacement for Fifflaren on the NiP roster in 2014, stated he ran into his own issues with NiP management.

It become clear that NiP wasn’t going to take this lying down, they hit back with their own lengthy response through their website in part of their closing statement they said “As an organization, it’s our goal that NiP isn’t just known as a legacy brand in esports but a team that treats everyone who works with us with respect and fair treatment. We’ll continue to talk openly and honestly with our players and fans about these, and any outstanding issues, but ask that anyone else that feels mistreated by the organization in the past give us a chance to address their concerns.”

Unfortunately for them it seemed that Fifflaren wasn’t stopping there and he responded in kind stating “This is my story about my time in NiP The NiP CEO released a statement earlier today, but I wonder.. if he’s so innocent why has he gone and removed convos between him and I? Oh well, shame I screenshotted all of it.”. It’s clear to see that there is still a lot more information which hasn’t surfaced yet and is bound to come to fruition within the coming weeks.

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