Gen.G Introduces Player Wellness Campaign for Esports Teams, Highlighting the Importance of Healthy Living & Self Improvement


As part of an initiative focused on the overall wellbeing of the esports community, global esports organization Gen.G today announced its Player Wellness Campaign — an ongoing initiative designed to provide solutions and encourage healthier habits towards physical and mental health, as well as financial responsibility for esports athletes and their fans. With the support of the organization’s partners — international gym chain, LA Fitness, and wellness app, Simple Habit — Gen.G teams will have access to resources outside of the gaming world.

“Maintaining a high level of gaming skill can be both physically and mentally demanding. We want our players and fans to be well rounded in all aspects of life,” said Martin Kim, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Gen.G Esports. “Through this Wellness campaign, our goal is to develop a healthier generation of gamers and instill a mindset of self-improvement.”

With years of collective experience at the highest levels in the traditional sports space including the NBA, MLB, and FIFA, Gen.G understands that there is a direct link between player performance and overall health, along with the influence athletes have on fans. Their knowledge and passion for helping world-class athletes achieve sustainable excellence inspired the launch of this campaign and its design as an ongoing effort.

An earlier initiative in July, Gen.G opened a state-of-the-art LA HQ Facility in Playa Vista, mere months after establishing a leading-edge facility in Seoul, South Korea. Gen.G’s LA HQ is built from end to end with player wellness foremost in mind, featuring a large cafeteria with an array of healthy options, resting/sleeping pods, and all-access LA Fitness memberships with personal trainers and physical therapy sessions.

“With the rapid growth and popularity of esports, it’s important for both professional and casual gamers to practice a healthier lifestyle,” said Andrea Ojeda, Vice President, Marketing at LA Fitness. “We are excited to partner with Gen.G to address the importance of living a more balanced life.”

Through its partnership with Gen.G, LA Fitness will be sharing a series of fitness tips for gamers, detailing simple ways gamers can stay fit and avoid physical injuries. Along with an emphasis on physical fitness, the partnership with Simple Habit will launch a full curriculum to address the stress points of gamers and streamers. A financial responsibility component will also be included within this program.

“Lack of sleep and mental burnout are just a few examples of challenges currently impacting gamers and their young fanbase,” said Ian Yung, Head of Marketing at Simple Habit. “We believe that taking just five minutes to use Simple Habit can help young players and fans to unwind and de-stress. We’re thrilled to take this step with Gen.G.”

Gen.G will be rolling out periodic enhancements to the Player Wellness campaign.




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