The Epic Gaming Adventure – GAME creates the first ever videogame package holiday


GAME, the UK’s leading video games retailer, has teamed up with travel experts STA Travel to offer gaming fans the chance to experience the ultimate gaming adventure. The journey will take gamers on a pilgrimage across the globe, spanning three continents and including stop-offs to the birthplace of videogaming, three of the biggest game publishers on the planet and three of the world’s top gaming arcades.

The Epic Gaming Adventure is the first ever, round-the-world trip, offering gamers the holiday of a lifetime, or for those with more cash to splash, an amazing Christmas present for the gamer in their life. Taking the adventurous gamer from stunning tropical island locations to bustling cityscapes via the Meccas of modern gaming, this really is a trip of epic proportions.
The journey will take four weeks to complete and prices begin at £5,500.

The Adventure begins…
·         Edinburgh:  The trip kicks off in Edinburgh, home to Rockstar North, creators of the Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Revolver and Max Payne franchises
·         London: Whilst stopping over in London, visit the Loading Bar in Soho, modelled on the famous gaming cafes in Tokyo
·         Phuket: Gamers will then hot foot it to Phang Nga Bay to bask in the sunshine of the beautiful Ko Tapu Islands, a setting frequented by Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Underworld
·         Seoul: Visit Seoul, home to the world’s premiere online gaming e-Sports Stadium where professional gaming is taken to a whole new level – join thousands of fellow spectators to watch as top gamers take to the stage to battle
·         Tokyo: Once you’ve made it to Tokyo, drop by legendary developer Konami’s headquarters. Whilst here, the must have visit for any gaming fanatic is the Taito Station – whilst arcades have all but disappeared from the UK, this famous Japanese location arguably offers the world’s best  arcade gaming experience with fans from across the country flocking here
·         Los Angeles: Now it’s off to the US for a cross-country trip.  Kick off in L.A., the home of the annual E3 Games Conference and see the landmarks that inspired classic locations in L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto’s Los Santos.
·         San Francisco: Take a trip to Santa Clare, the home of retro gaming just outside San Francisco, and the reputed birthplace of gaming, where the iconic Pong was developed by Atari Games in 1972.
·         New Hampshire: The next stop on the gaming pilgrimage is a trip back in time to the Funspot Family Entertainment Center in New Hampshire, a classic gaming museum and arcade haven, open since 1952.
·         New York: While in New York, visit various locations featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Crysis 3 before experiencing the typical Western landscape of Bandera County in Texas, which inspired the settings in titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Gun

Ailsa McKnight, Marketing Director Game Retail Ltd, says: “The Epic Gaming Adventure is an all-out celebration of gaming. This ambitious trip will take gamers on a journey through the rich history of videogame culture, taking in the birthplace of modern gaming, to Seoul where it something of a national pastime, whilst taking a look at the exciting developments still to come.

We understand gamers and want to offer the gaming community something more than the standard beach holiday. We think this will be a highly desirable Christmas present for any gamer. I know this trip will definitely top my Christmas wish list!

Neil Hassall, Marketing Manager at STA Travel, says: “For gamers this trip is a backstage pass to some of the most iconic settings in the world’s most famous games – a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’re delighted to be adding our travel expertise into the mix to introduce gamers to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes and cities in the world.”




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