Thermal Erosion officially launches Fields of War, a new Mech action MMO


The Thermal Erosion studio announced the launch of its first title, Fields of War, for Windows, Mac and Linux today.

Fields of War is an action oriented Mech MMO that brings a unique massive combat experience to action and Mech lovers, featuring massive 100 vs. 100 combat in a large persistent world.

The grand scale, low friction DRM and support for cross-platform play in Fields of War ensures friends can always play together, regardless of their chosen OS.

The Game places a focus on fast and fluid combat, providing the players with five Mech classes that are completely different from each other, each providing different abilities and play style.

Main Features include:
·         Epic 100 vs. 100 combat.
·         AI bots replace absent players.
·         Large world with full day-night cycle.
·         5 playable classes, each with unique abilities.
·         Cross-platform multiplayer.

Here’s the launch trailer:




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