Team17 Makes Return to Third-Party Publishing


Industry veterans Team17 are to re-enter the third-party publishing arena after a hiatus of almost two decades. For those who may not be aware Team17 started life as a publisher almost 23 years ago, publishing classics such as Alien Breed, Project-X, Superfrog, Assassin, ATR, Super Stardust, Apidya, Silverball  and many more! This rich heritage resulted in the company being awarded the prestigious title of “Software House of the Year” in 1993 Golden Joystick Awards.

The first title to be signed and announced by Team17 is indie game Light, developed by Brighton creative Just a Pixel. The game is currently in Steam Greenlight being funded by Team17’s publishing team. Steam users can vote to have Light added to Valve’s Steam service here:

Why now?
Ultimately, the timing is right; Team17 is in a very fortunate position with a wealth of personal experience to share. Team17 has an incredible community running into many millions that we can cross-promote within and raise awareness for new IPs and specifically indie games, which are very close to our hearts and something we stand up for. Team17 is home to an awesome digital publishing team who have topped every digital chart from PC, console and mobile over the last couple of years. Most importantly, Team17 make games as well and know first-hand just what it takes to make a game and take it to market correctly across all platforms.




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