Insomnia50 – Take to Coventry


On Saturday night the famous Insomnia LAN pub quiz began alongside the Golden Lanniversary awards, comedy set by Paul Tomkinson and live music by Saints of Sin. Along with this there was a special announcement.

That special announcement was that the Insomnia LANs are to move as of i51. I’d like to point out at this moment in time that before the announcement I did say that the Insomnia LANs were going to move. The biggest UK LAN event is to move to Coventry, specifically Coventry City Football Club.

The venue has a casino, many large halls, a nice space for a large stage and seating area, more parking and many more key features that the event is currently lacking at Telford.

This, the morning after the pub quiz, there are many sore heads and one, still drunk, Wizzo (after easily downing a full pint on stage to the celebration of Big Clan and the audience). The remnants are still seen though, the forums are rejoicing, the people are silently smiling and reminiscing about the times they’ve had at the International Centre in Telford .

Goodbye Telford, STORM THE GATES OF SHREWSBURY! Wait, no, Coventry. See you there!




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