ESL’s Go4Combat Arms Grand Finalists to battle it out for €30,000


Of the more than 170 hopeful teams that competed in this year’s Go4 Combat Arms competition, only four advance to the offline Grand Finals event in Cologne, Germany’s ESL TV Studios. The lion’s share of the impressive €30,000 prize pool will go to either 31337gaming, MostTalentedPlayers, Team Def or Team EGO! all of whom are set to battle it out on December 7th.

The exclusive offline event is set to be hosted by none other than ESL’s very own Sean Charles and Melly ‘m3lly’ Balgün. Casting and analysis will come from the likes of Jason Kaplan, Lars ‘LrN’ Meigies, Antti ‘TUHOAJA’ Rantanen and Oisin ‘Koality’ Reilly.

“Creating the Go4CA has been amazing, seeing the community grow and the excitement build. Now it all culminates with what promises to be an epic Final,” said Sean Charles VP of Marketing and Publisher Relations for ESL.

Having dominated this year’s Go4CA season, 31337gaming go into the Grand Finals as clear favourites. With 25 wins under their belts and €7,000 in the bag, the competition has their work cut out for them. Will the Polish powerhouse be able to pull out ahead once again? Follow all of the action live with ESL TV at




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