Valve Release Valve Pipeline Website To Train Teens For The Games Industry


Valve, a company which is widely known as a very influential company within the games industry, has released a new website, Valve Pipeline.

This new website has been established to create a connection for teenagers to kick start their career in the gaming industry.

To keep with the style of Valve Pipeline, the whole project is being created by high school interns working at the company. They have also said that it was a response to the fact that it usually hired more experienced workers.

In a comment from Valve Pipeline they say: “We look to answer many of these questions and are willing to reach out to the community and give them the information they need.”

“In the film and videogame industries, pipeline refers to the production process by which individual elements are created and integrated into an overall experience. is a website created for high school students interested in the videogame industry by a group of high school interns working at Valve.”

Below is the video that Valve have released, it shows Gabe Newell and his platoon of young interns introducing the new service.




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