Minecraft 14w02a Full Changelog


Complete 14w02a changelog:

  • Made relative[8] teleports much smoother[9]
  • Added CanDestroy NBT tag for tools[12]
    • Mostly for use in adventure mode
    • Example: CanDestroy:[“minecraft:sand”,”minecraft:grass”] – Screenshot[13]  
  • Rebalanced villager trading
    • Offers[14] will be less random and probably more useful
    • Existing villagers[15] will not be affected
    • Maybe: Trading will give experience[16]
    • Maybe: Lapis might be buyable[17]
  • Added a[18] bouncy block with fancy graphics[19]
  • More stone variants
  • Updated the enchanting system[29]
    • Screenshot[30]  
    • Enchanting[31] will now cost between 1 to 3 levels, but you still need the same minimum total levels[32]
    • Additionally, there is now a material cost – Enchanting also costs 1 to 3 gold ingots now
    • The actual enchantment calculation stays the same
    • One of the enchantments will be displayed in the tooltip
    • The enchantments you would get on a tool will not change you enchant something – This enchantment seed is stored per player[33]
    • Leveling up now takes longer
    • Reduced anvil[34] costs to adjust to this change – Notable: renaming items will now only cost 1 level, repairing will now start out with 2 to 5 levels and tools can be repaired longer and with better enchantments[35]
    • Maybe: The material cost might be made optional[36]
    • Maybe: The random text might be changed to make more sense[37]
    • Maybe: The material might be changed to lapis[38]
  • World difficulty can now be locked[39] per world[40] to prevent accidentally changing it when joining the world[41]
  • Improved[44] doors[45]
    • Now[46] stack to[47] 64
    • Crafting recipes changed to give 3 doors instead of 1
  • Each[48] world (main, nether, end) will now run on its own thread[49]
    • Purpose: Improving performance[50] , not slowing down other worlds when one world is particularly busy[51]
    • First tests indicate massive performance increase[52] when ticking worlds
  • Block hitboxes[53] no longer appear in Adventure mode if interaction with the block is impossible[54]
  • A way to change chest contents using commands[55]
  • A way to lock containers from being opened[57] using NBT tags[58]
    • Mostly useful for adventure maps in adventure mode[59]
    • NBT Tag in JSON format: {Lock:"Secret"}, containers can be unlocked by clearing their String for Lock[60]
  • Fixed some bugs[61]
    • Fixed some transparency issues with blocks[62]
    • Fixed[63] villagers ignoring NBT tags on trades[64]
    • Fixed zombies sometimes killing villagers completely on hard difficulty
    • Fixed chicken jockeys causing lag and clogging up the mob cap (Possible fixes: they no longer lay eggs, chickens despawn with rider, picking up eggs doesn’t make mobs persistent)
    • Fixed mobs tending to move north-west


Mojang said about Minecraft 14w02a:

Update: A ‘b’ snapshot has been released to fix lots of crashes!

The first snapshot of Minecraft 1.8 has arrived! This update will be split into two primary focuses: Survival gameplay & improvements, and new fancy abilities for adventure maps! We’ve done a whole bunch of optimizing for both the client and server (with more to come!) and lots more work towards the Plugin API in the background. As this is the very first snapshot of 1.8, do remember to backup your worlds before trying it!

Big survival changes:

  • 3 new stone types!
  • Major Enchanting & Repairing changes!
  • Mossy stone bricks recipe!
  • Updated Villager trading!
  • Doors stack!
  • Slime blocks!
  • Lots of other tweaks, changes, bug fixes and secret features!

Big Adventure Map changes:

  • Adventure Mode no longer lets you place/destroy blocks.
  • But that can change!
  • Added Entity Selectors! Use @e in certain commands to target entities. You can limit it with [type=Chicken] or [type=!Skeleton]
  • Added a /blockdata command!
  • Added ‘Lock’ (String) NBT tag on most containers.
  • Added an optional entity parameter to /kill (try: /kill @e[type=!Player]
  • Added optional arguments to /clear for max item count (use 0 to not actually delete anything) & NBT data
  • Lots of other tweaks, changes, bug fixes and secret features!

To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher.

Server files:

  • Cross-platform jar: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/14w02b/minecraft_server.14w02b.jar
  • Windows EXE: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/14w02b/minecraft_server.14w02b.exe

Report bugs here:

  • Minecraft issue tracker!

// The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams




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